Commercial Electricians

At Commercial Electricians, we work with all types of commercial clients, including industrial and agricultural customers. Our Electrician team works all across Dublin and Leinster, ensuring that your electrics are all up to standard. Have a look through our most popular services below. Feel free to call us today with any questions.

Commercial Electrical Wiring

Whether your business needs a complete rewire or you are building a new premises, our team of electricians can work with you to ensure that all wiring is up to the daily demands of a modern business. We know that with more and more electrical appliances, computers, lighting etc., there is a much bigger demand on electricity. Ensuring that your electrical system is up to date means that the likelihood of any accidents is minimal.

Commercial Fire Alarms / Linked Smoke Detectors

All businesses need to have a fire / smoke alarm in place. This can help to protect your assets – but more importantly, those who are in the building. Every system we install is different, in terms of layout etc. All our work is tailored to suit you.

Commercial Emergency Lighting

Another business requirement is emergency lighting. This does not run of the mains electricity and gives the occupants of a building lighting in the event of an emergency. When there is a power cut, fire, smoke etc. it can be very disorientating. Emergency lighting can save precious time, which could be the difference between life or death.

Commercial CCTV

When you run a business, you are bound to have valuable items on your premises. This can be anything from retail stock, to important documentation. In order to protect this, you need to be proactive. CCTV will allow you to monitor your premises, either on site or from an external location, depending on the set up you want. To discuss your CCTV requirements, simply call us today.

Commercial Burglar Alarms

At Tony Jones, we have a team who work installing burglar alarms, ensuring that your business or premise is protected. Everything is tailored, which is why we offer on-site surveys.

Data Networking / Data Points

Setting up the data networking in your new / existing office can be a big job. With so many different requirements, phone lines, broadband, electrical sockets etc., there is a lot to consider. We have years of experience in the industry and recommend a system that suits you best.

Periodic Inspections

A periodic inspection allows us to check all wiring, electricity points etc. in your home. We are fully qualified and registered to carry out this type of work. It is the employer’s responsibility to get a report carried out.

Once our check is completed, we provide a full report. If there are any issues we bring them to your attention straight away and can quote you for repair work to be done.